One of the daunting challenges budding entrepreneurs have to face is finding the funding necessary to spur the growth of their business. This is made even harder for business deemed ‘high risk’ by traditional lending institutions, as low credit scores and limited business history can often get in the way of securing financing.

Fortunately, there are now alternative ways to secure financing for your business. This article presents some of the options available to entrepreneurs looking to fund the growth of their business.



Entrepreneurs are given two popular crowdfunding options – equity and reward crowdfunding. The former entails selling pieces of your company to potential investors. This is particularly popular in fast-growing industries.

The latter option, reward crowdfunding is much simpler. It does not require you to take on additional partners, rather it just entails that you give your investors rewards in exchange for their contribution. This is particularly useful, and can even be used to expand the reach of your business by tapping on a new section of the market.


Credit Card Stacking

This is actually an inexpensive option to secure business financing options. This is best used by low-revenue businesses and startups. It is simple enough to do, just use different credit cards in order to reach a total credit limit that meets the amount you need.

You can ask lenders to do this for you. They will choose the credit cards with the highest credit limits for you. It can be rather tricky, so be mindful of the payments when the collections start. Otherwise, you may be creating more trouble for your business.


Inventory Financing

This particular financing option is only available for retail businesses. It works by having a lender give you the necessary funds in order to buy the items you will then sell at your store. This removes the pressure of having to come up with the capital necessary for expansion, as it gives you significant breathing room.

The additional financing for your expanded inventory will certainly give you that much desired flexibility in terms of controlling the additional revenue that comes in.


Online Loans

Online Loans are very similar to bank loans. The only difference being that online loans usually have higher interest rates. This is because securing these loans is also significantly easier when compared to bank loans. It should also be noted that online lenders are much more responsive and have a quicker turnaround time than most banks – taking just a few days to a couple weeks to process a business loan.

Of course, entrepreneurs will also need to take time and work through the details of the loan. This is crucial so that you know what you are getting into. Make sure that you make use of a business loan APR calculator in order to determine your interest rates.

On top of that, you should also pay attention to the fine print and examine how often payments need to be made. It is up to you and the lender to determine whether you will be paying weekly, monthly, or annually.


Seeing one’s business grow and prosper is every entrepreneur’s dream. These are just a few alternative ways to secure the funding you need to ensure your business’ growth.

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